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Search Engine Optimization Service

Does your website lack visitors? Are you starting to ask questions such as:

Did the webmaster do a poor job?

Am I just too small to compete with the big companies?

How much more do I need to spend to have my website noticed?

A lot of companies offer search engine optimization services. Some packages start at $40 and some start at $600. Our approach to search engine optimization is structured around your goals and your budget. When you contact us to discuss search engine optimization we perform the following tasks:

Look at your current website and run it through our web analysis tools. This helps us determine how well your current website s seen by search engines. As part of that examination we will look at:

  • Potential site design/set up problems.
  • Keyword usage
  • Content Usage Meta tag or search engine directives
  • Have your graphics been coded correctly.
  • Look for common mistakes (learn more)

We will also interview you to learn about your business, your customers, and your goals. Once we have an understanding of your business we will look at your competitors to see what they are doing on the internet.

When our analysis is complete we will prepare a proposal which will cover:

  • A review the analysis of your website.
  • Make recommendations on content and design fine tuning.
  • Review the comparison to competitors web design approach.
  • Discuss the costs of pay-per-click programs with search engines.
  • Discuss other options for improving your web presence.
  • Dynamic content options
  • Link exchanges

Each proposal is unique and reflects attention to detail about your business. The charge for the analysis is $99.

Since we don't know the cost of the key words from search engines it is impossible for us to offer a flat rate. What we can give you is a recommended budget for advertising and an initial time commitment to implement the plan along with a ongoing plan to maintain and improve your internet presence.


Common Design Problems Which Hurt Search Engine Rankings

In the early days of Search Engine technology there were a lot of practices which were commonly done to improve rankings. In todays world these practices can hurt your search engine rankings.

  • Putting lists of keywords on your webpage in a keyword 1, keyword 2, keyword 3, keyword 4, format. Unless you have a legitimate reason don't do this.
  • Using the same color text on your page as the page's background color. This was often used to keyword stuff a web page. Search engines can detect this and will penalize you.
  • Constantly submitting your website.
  • Using keywords in your keywords meta tag that do not relate to the content of your page.