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Planning your Website

We have created this page to help you gather your thoughts so that we can help prepare an initial website development proposal. If you would prefer to come to our office please use our contact form so we can start the process of getting your company on the internet.

There are a lot of questions on this form and we understand that. If you are still in the early planning process and simply want to visit with us for a free consultation that is fine. Feel free to call us at 316-755-2787.


Business Name:

Email Address:

Current web address, if any:

Business Information

Please describe your business or service?

Do you have a tagline that you use for your advertising?

Website Goals

What is the purpose of your web site? What do you intend to accomplish with it? If you are unsure what to say here please check out some of the planning articles on our bussiness help page.

Do you want people to: (check as many as apply)

Learn more about your business or organization?

Hire me to perform a service?

Buy products?

Join your organization?

Communicate with you?

Become part of an online community?

Get more information about a product/service?

To be entertained

To comparison shop or to buy a product

To connect with others of similar interests - Build an internet community.


Target Audience / Community

Who is your target audience or community? (Age, gender, interests, locality)

Who is your competition?

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Image & Style

The look and feel of your website will communicate a lot about your business to that visitor.

What IMAGE do you want to project? (check as many as apply)

Corporate? Personal? Expensive? Affordable?

Traditional? Contemporary? Conservative? Cutting edge?

Formal? Casual? Serious? Friendly?

What STYLE do you I to communicate? (check as many as apply)

Serene Spiritual Powerful Professional

Hip Classic Elegant Funky

Ethnic Natural/Organic High tech Frivolous

Fun Flashy Muted Soft

Playful Down to earth Mellow Comforting, caring

Romantic Sensual Authoritative Delicate

Energetic Historical Festive Fanciful


Do you have any existing graphic or promotional materials? Yes No

Do you have a logo? Yes No

Do you have photos that you wish to use on the web site? Yes No



Do you have an outline of the content for your site? Yes No

Is the content written? Yes No It’s in process

Do you need help in developing, writing and/or editing the content for your web site? Yes No

If your site outline is done, how many sections do you have, and about how many pages in each section? (One web page equals approximately one 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper with double spaced type.)

If you are selling products, how many will be on your site?

What keywords would someone type into a search engine to find you?


What special functions will you need for your web site? (check as many as apply)

Mailing list (announcment only) This is what you use to send out announcements or email newsletters.

Mailing list discussion group

Message board or forum

Contact, subscription, survey or feedback forms

Shopping cart Merchant account

Password protection for certain pages

Site search engine E-cards

Music clips Video clips



Do you have a marketing/promotion plan for your web site?
Yes No In process

We can help you develop one, or give you lots of ideas on doing it yourself.

Do you have plans for updating the content of your site or for an email newsletter? Yes No

(Regularly updating the content of your site gives visitors a reason to return.)

Do you plan to submit your site to search engines? Yes No

Would you like us to do that for you? Yes No Haven’t decided

Timeline / Domain Name & Hosting / Maintenance & Updating

When would you like your web site to be launched?

Have you registered a domain name? Yes No

If you have, what is it?

If not, we can register a name for you.

Have you decided on a hosting company? Yes No

If not, please consider our hosting plan.

Do you plan to maintain and update your own site? Yes No Maybe

Would you like us to do that for you? Yes No Maybe

Other Web Sites

Please list a few web sites that appeal to the same target audience or community, or that communicate an image or style that is similar to what you want.

Please list some of your competitor’s web sites, if you know of any. Let us know what you like and don’t like about some of these sites.

Questions or Comments:

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