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Meta Tag Writing Suggestions


SafeOnlineCash.comA META tag provides information about a Web page to search engines. META tags do not affect how the page is displayed or functions. Meta Tags provide information such as who created the page, how it was created, how often it is updated, a synopsis of the page, and keywords which represent the page’s content. Some search engines utilize this information for indexing the World Wide Web.

Most web developers will agree that meta tags do not have the importance that they once did. While I agree with that belief I also believe that taking the time to write good meta tags should still be an important part of your web page design. You have created your website and business to make money and deciding to omit simple marketing techniques is not good business strategy. Here are some tips to help you write good meta tags.

The TITLE Tag should include a few words that identify the page followed by keywords relevant to that page. The TITLE Tag must be brief enough to fit within the search engines parameters and concise and informative enough to be a valuable part of the search engines index. When writing the TITLE Tag you should be creative and resourceful while staying within the guidelines the search engines require which is between 40 to 120 characters. When writing this tag be mindful that site visitors will see this as part of the browser display.

The DESCRIPTION Tag is similar to the Title Tag but instead of keywords it is written for people to read. Some search engines will list this tag in thier search results. This is a great place to place your business slogan and promotional statement so that viewers will get hooked and want to visit your website. Since most of the search engines will only use 50 to 250 characters you should be sure to focus on page content over slogans.

Save 20% with Business Solutions at!The KEYWORD Tag provides keywords that search engine users put in to find Web pages. Taking the time to research exactly what keywords are best for your page may mean going to a thesaurus or using search engines to see what words bring up similar sites to your own. Put yourself in your customer's shoes to see what phrases they may want to enter. Try to hold your list of keywords to 75 to 130 characters and be sure to consider all options for your business.


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