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Tips for Time Management

When the day is done and the to do list looks the same as it did in the morning do you wonder how your day went. Perhaps time management is a weakness in your approach to your work and personal day. This is a common failing for people in their personal and business life.

You may think that you are fully occupied with your day and left with no free time available. If you really want to make some extra money from home along with managing your life you may need a better understanding of how to organize your day. "Time management" can be achieved with a little bit of planning and organising your routine work.

1. If there is a will there is a way. If you organize your work you will be surprised to find that extra time that you very badly need for your life and your business.

2. Log Your Activities for a Day Spend some time thinking about where your time is spent and you could make more of your day. If more of your time is spent in cooking or in front of the TV you need to think of ways to combine the activities. Once you know how you spent your day you can start to look at better ways to manage your day.

3. Manage Interuptions Teaching your kids, friends, and relatives that you are at work. It will take self- discipline on your part to put interruptions off. If it is your kids distracting you try to help them learn to be more self reliant. Encourage the older kids to be helpful and assist you with keeping the other kids occupied.

4. Turn off the TV You may not be watching the TV but you will be surprised how much more you get done when you are not splitting your attention between the TV, the family, and the kids.

5. To Do List You may have a mind which never forgets anything. I found that my productivity improved greatly when I would start the day with a to do list of what needed to be done. When I developed that discipline I found that productivity increased.

6. Set Specific Goals In 5 you set shortterm goals now set some long term goals.

7. Be Organized Looking for things, paperwork, phone numbers, or anything is a drain on your business time, productivity, and life in general.

8. Set a schedule This is a part of discipline. It will make it easier for you to have a life and it will mean that your family has predictable times when you are available and un-available.


In the beginning, this type of adjustments will be little difficult, but soon you will see its worth. But once your mind is set for finding time to work for your home business, gradually it will become a practice of finishing your work faster.


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