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Search Engine Optimization

SEO software by Web CEO

Anyone that has a web site receives daily emails or phone calls from people promising the first page of Google, Yahoo, or any other major search engine.

If you ask them how they can promise placement on something they don't own they will often ignore your email or simply start talking faster. Art

The bottom line is that the Good search engine placement is the result of hard work and having the knowledge to do the job.

If you are new to web sites you may not know what Search Engine Placement(SEO) actually entails you will want to read on.

SEO Defined

Search engine optimization is often referred to by terms such as: search engine optimization, search engine marketing, web site promotion, web site placement, and many more.

Most of these terms really refer to the same process. To effectively promote and market your web site you will need to optimize for the search engines while not making it difficult for the human visitors to your web site A well optimized web site will be ranked higher by the search engines.

Before the Internet:

Marketing, your business was comprised of newspaper, magazine, radio and TV ads. While these mediums are still heavily used by many companies they are also using on-line advertising as part of the the marketing mix for their business.

Just having a web site is only a start. The next step os helping users find their way to your web site Search engine queries are the most common means of looking for a business on the internet. How do the 500+ search engines learn about your your company web site? Customers will never make it to your site if they can't find it.

The Good News about SEO

The bad news is that failing to consider search engines in your web site design will not get you closer to the top. The other part of this bad news is that successful search engine optimization involves you as well. Good content is ever bit as important to the success of your web site as any technical aspect to the design.

The good news is that with proper web site optimization your search engine rankings will improve. Simply put, with good optimization and and content it may be possible to see your web site on page 1 of the search engines.

The success of this goal will depend on many variables including how many competitors that you have and if there are huge national sites competing for the same slot. Even if your situation is the latter one there are still ways to get you close to the top.

Just what is SEO?

SEO is the process of optimizing your web site. A good SEO strategy is fundamental in moving closer to that Page 1 position on web sites Achieving that position will help drive customers to your web site

The basic SEO steps:


Analyze Your Site

  1. Check your current search engine rankings
  2. Determine who is linking to your site
  3. Study your current traffic pattern

Finding a Niche

  1. Find the best keywords for your industry.
  2. Study the keywords used by your competitors.
  3. Optimize your site to help get the most from Search Engine Searches

 Site Promotion

  1. Submit your web site to search engines
  2. Find link partners for non-competitive link exchanges.


Ongoing Site Maintenance

  1. Study trends and make adjustments.
  2. Keep the web site content fresh by changing it out.

SEO Summary

As you can see from the above steps Search Engine Optimization is a mix of technical, content related, and networking with other web sites This is a service that we offer as part of our hosting packages. (See Hosting) If you already have a web site and want to handle this process yourself please check out WEBCEO.

SEO software by Web CEO