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Internet Income Scams

Adsense Websites:

There are many internet scams and there are many sites which talk about them. As a webmaster who makes part of his income in Adsense revenue I decided to give one of the purchased ADSENSE packages a try. I spent my $9 for 1300 pages from from and was sorely disappointed. Technically the site worked, however, they did not disclose that it required PHP and that a lot of the site had links to take visitors aware from the site. In addition, they did not mention that many of the articles were written by non-english speaking writers who did not have spell checkers available.

A common thread that I discovered from some of these sites was PayPal payment. It seems that PayPal rules state that once the product has been downloaded there is very little recourse open if you are unhappy. VISA and Mastercard will shut an account down if too many people want to refuse payment.

In talking to other webmasters I have learned that these are not uncommon experiences with purchased sites. Let's face it, $10 for 1300 pages is really too good to be true.

Recommended Books:

The people selling these site make some of their money from the content providers. As a result some of them are loaded with links to take the visitor off your site. Webmasters work hard to get a visitor to stay on their site and these sites make it extremely easy for that treasured visitor to go to one of sellers content providers.

The art of keeping visitors on your website is called stickiness. Stickiness refers to the number of minutes a viewer spends on a Web site over a given period of time. The more a visitor returns to a site or the longer they stay, the stickier the site. A Web site that holds a viewer's attention has a greater chance of selling products -- its own or an advertiser's. Not only does a sticky site boost sales, build brand awareness and increase advertising revenue, it can also create a tighter market for the competition. A site that has gained a customer's loyalty makes it more costly and therefore less attractive for the competition to try to woo that customer. Click here to learn more about what makes a website sticky.

Another issue you will want to consider is what has become known as "Search Engine Content Filters". In short, these filters will look at your content and see if it is duplicated. If so, your ranking may suffer. Consider how many people bought the same content which I did and have placed it on the internet. With no changes, there will be hundred of site with duplicate content. As part of this experiment I brought the site up as and am still working with it today. There are many good articles on the site. But until the misspellings, grammar problems, and offsite links are addressed this site will not be an income producer.

The bottom line is that search engines want well written unique text which is relevant to the content of your site. If you are looking at an internet business packages and want to purchase content you should be prepared to invest some time in re-working the content. If you need content please contact us to discuss the services our content writers offer.

Pyramid Schemes:

Pyramid schemes are as old as business itself. They work like a pyramid where you start at the lowest end and then climb up gradually. You enter the scheme by either paying some money or by providing a service. When you advance up the pyramid, you should have people below you who assist you as you did those above you when you entered. In reality, this rarely happens once the pyramid has machured. For you to benefit from the pyramid scheme millions of members are required.

Yes, some people have done well, especially those that started the pyramid. However, for the vast majority of people the promised success is never realized.

Storefront Kits:

Storefront kits are another popular internet scam. You are led to believe that you will have a product available that buyers will simply love to have. The fact of the matter is that there are hundreds of other websites, including the distributor you buy from, who are selling the same products. When I became an EBAY power seller I had many products offered to me. What I found was that many of these products were on EBAY selling at prices so close to my cost it would have been a waste of time.

It is really extremely difficult to offer something unique online. And even if you do – it is sure to be copied and you will have competitors. An Internet business is a challenge. Simply creating an online store might will not be enough to make money over Internet. To succeed online, you will need a business strategy and a plan.