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Whether your computer is for personal or business use the information on that computer is an important part of your life. Even if that information is just personal letters or family pictures it represents your life. Failure to protect that information puts you at risk of losing a part of who you are.

Business users often underestimate the cost of lost data. Rebuilding records and business history is not always possible. Even when it is possible there is the direct cost of time and lost productivity.

How can your computer information be lost?

  • Hard-drives fail
  • Natural disaster - floods, fire
  • Theft
  • Employee Espionage
  • Children or family members make mistakes
  • Backup medias can fail. This includes DVD and CDs

Until it is gone you will not realize how much of your financial nd personal life is contained inside that box.


Lessons learned from 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina

These disasters were wakeup calls for many businesses. Aside from the physical devastation there was an incredible amount of data lost when data centers were destroyed. Rebuilding a business is hard enough. Without the business data, it is almost impossible.


The businesses that best survived these disasters were those who used online backup servers to store their critical data. For those businesses, rebuilding their vital data was a matter of ordering new computer hardware and restoring their data.


The Advantages Of Online Server Backup Solutions

Online backups are easy, reliable, and do not rely on people to rotate tapes or transport HDDs to a safe location. One lesson from Katrina was that "safe locations" do not always exist in the local community.


A remote backup server protects your data from a major disaster in your geographic area.


Quality online backup servers have multiple copies of your data. These backup services always keep a backup of your data on their server farms which adds another layer of data security.


With the reliability of the Internet your data is safely encrypted and is inaccessible to anyone who doesn't have the correct password.


To protect your business data check out our recommended solution: Idrive